Jefferson Park

A great variety of wooden cottages and brick bungalows, Jefferson Park in East Point, GA is one of Atlanta's most cute and one-of-a-kind small town areas. Nearby to downtown Atlanta City, and very close to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and MARTA, but still hidden in a noiseless and socially positive area of its own. Jefferson Park is home to those from all kinds of backgrounds, from first-time owners to long-time home-makers. We also have many Georgia State and Clark Atlanta university students rent here. There is currently a girl from the UK who is studying overseas for a couple of semesters. She says she loves it here so much more than her old student accommodation back home in birmingham! It really is the perfect hub for all kinds of people to come and live. Take an adventure through our site and learn why we are so happy with our great neighbourhood!

Plenty of the older homes have had renovations and upgrades in recent years. With construction works working hard day and night under several bright fluorescent work light to improve and resort the buildings. One property owner had to replace an entire site of their home as the bricks had become damp. However in general most work has been done to replace single glazing windows with new double and even triple glazing or they have been placing new roof insulation into the homes.

Extra information about fluorescent work light

The Park is a great place to raise a family or just get away from the inner-city. The residents are very friendly and close-knit, just like how America should be, a big community. It is actually based on UK style buildings, especially the student accommodation apartment buildings because of their simple but effective designs. We have bungalows, cottages, cape cods and ranches. Everybody here is willing to give a helping hand to new and old residents and we hold progressive dinners and monthly mixers at local restaurants. It is also very affordable with some houses going for around $200,000. Great value for the first time buyer!

The name of the park comes from Thomas Jefferson, who was an American Founding Father and the main writer of the Declaration of Independence. He was also the third president of America and was a key player in the American Revolution. One of his most famous acts as President was the Louisianna Purchase in 1803, when America bought the Western side of the continent. It was wild and untamed and thus is the reason for the nickname the Wild West. Jefferson then commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore and map the territory.

Atlanta is a mighty city, with a very temperate climate, and the capitol of Georgia State. It was the venue of the 1996 Olympics, is the home of the World of Coca Cola, was the boyhood home of Martin Luther King jr, and is the setting of the famous novel and film, Gone with the Wind. It is a Southern State but its culture isn't strictly southern; it is very diverse.

As an Indian settlement, the area nearest to Atlanta was called Standing Peachtree but by 1821 the majority of the Native settlers had been driven away. A railroad was built and the settlement was known as Terminus, then Thrasherville, then Marthasville. It was then proposed the town be called Altanta-Pacifica, which was quickly shortened to Atlanta and officially incorporated in December 1847.

The town was largely destroyed in the American Civil War but was gradually rebuilt and is now a prosperous and culturally significant city in the USA.